What's with Burda WoF instructions?

Saturday, 19 April 2008
I am still perserving with the Burda World of Fashion 12/2008 jacket 115A, but it is seriously trying my patience! The instructions are very scant indeed, and the pattern photo makes it very hard to get an understanding of what it's supposed to look like. The pattern instructions give one paragraph and but no photos or diagrams for a bound pocket! I'll get there though I may deviate from the lacklustre instructions.

This morning the husband and I headed to a Sydney beach side suburb to see our optometrist but I took the opportunity to get some photos of some clothes I have made previously. It wasn't overly warm or sunny down there at the beach, but there were still some foolhardy people out there swimming.

This jacket is actually a muslin I made last year as a precursor to the beige wool skirt suit I posted about here. I made no changes to the pattern (Simplicity 3874) on this version, although for the wool version I made a few changes such as pleating around the yoke band instead of gathering, lining the jacket and using a button (which I still may do to this version). This one is made from a vintage barkcloth curtain picked up in an opshop of course!
The cotton of the jacket gets very crinkly, but it's meant to be a casual lightweight jacket so I can live with that. I made the skirt from some caramel coloured stretch corduroy about two years ago. It's an a-line shape, with an inverted box pleat at the front and it's very comfy to wear although I should have lined it since I usually only wear it in winter with stockings.

I also think it looks a little plain and needs some embellishment, maybe some really cool pockets like these that the very talented Katherine made over at her blog Bloom's Fabric Obsession:

Ric rac! And a giant button! And it's in lovely yellow! I can see a version in a stripe fabric and a big red button on mine, just to call more attention to my wide child bearing hips......

Anyway the weather is being very conducive to sewing - having heavy downpours of rain for most of the day means it's excellent to stay inside. I hope to finish that Burda jacket and a matching skirt by Sunday, fingers crossed.


  1. Hello there I came over from A Dress A Day.... might I make a suggestion? A lot of times on the back edge of patterns you will see now (newer patterns that is) an email address. Last time I was ticked off at a pattern co. cause their pattern made no sense at all!!!! I wrote them and mentioned that I worked at a fabric store, had made all kinds of wedding dresses that were easier to understand than this pattern... they wrote back asked for my snail mail addie and besides asking what I thought would make it easier to understand, they sent me a coupon for a "free pattern"! It may be worth the effort... they want people to buy their stuff and if you can't understand it, your probably going to pass the word about it. Ahem, kind of like you have on your blogg! Good luck... Oh, and if that doesn't work. See if you can find another pattern that maybe you/or a friend already has on how to make a bound pocket. Hope that was of some help.

  2. Which pattern are you trying to make? You mentioned 12/2008 jacket 115A, but did you mean 12/2007 or 2/2008?

  3. Hello Kristy! I am so very flattered that you have a link to my skirt from your blog. I started blogging so that I could put photos on pattern review and so that my Mum could see what I make. I don't actually know anyone that sews clothes...now that I have discovered blogland, I love seeing what everyone else is creating! (and now I don't feel like I have some sort of weird hobby / obsession). I love your work and will be visiting your blog plenty of times in the future