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Monday, 17 February 2014
Thank you to everyone for your feedback on how you best like comments addressed - the overwhelming answer was that you all appreciate a response but don't necessarily expect one. I've installed Disqus because it seems to be the most effective way of responding both here on the blog and by email to the poster directly - my apologies though because if you're not registered with Disqus you do need to enter an email address (which isn't visible though), but there's no annoying Captcha to try to decipher.

As promised, I did a random draw to see who the lucky sewist would be to try out the Style Arc pattern. The random number generator threw up number 24, 

which starting from the oldest comment to the newest is Kezban Boyla who said:

Kezban please email me at Kristy_Idle "at" with your address and I'll post the pattern out to you. I think this Style Arc pattern would be perfect for a beginner sewist.

And a big thanks to Ingrid who spotted the jacquard fabric that Burda used for the jacket that I love so much for sale at Tessuti's, which is delightfully called Mint Boiled Lolly Brocade:

image from

Unfortunately it is $89/m - it is 135cm wide and it is Italian designer fabric. I need to really decide whether I'd wear this crazy pattern enough to justify spending that much money on it!

At the risk of sounding like a belated Thanksgiving post, a huge thank you to everyone who offered fitting comments on the jacket in the last post. I don't usually post works in progress but now I realise how incredibly helpful it is to get perspectives and advice from fellow sewists. Fitting wise the jacket is looking pretty good, and it just needs a little further tweaking on the shoulder curve because it still sticks out a little. For those of you still contemplating whether to make this with or without the caps on the sleeve, I took a photo of both so you can see what it's like to help you decide.

Without the caps on the sleeve:

With the caps on the sleeve:

Apologies for the non-plussed look on my face - it's not the jacket at all but rather my husband who was the photographer for these photos and behaving like he had never used a camera before! Seriously, how hard it is to take a few photos?

As you can see I need to do further work on the sleeves but the fit has improved greatly as I took in all the princess seams and side seams by 1cm which really helped not only with the excess fabric but also raised the underarm as predicted by Sharon.

Hopefully I'll finish the final version this week, in this fabric which I'm still tossing up whether to make those barcode stripes vertical or horizontal:

Happy sewing everyone!

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