Vintage fabric and sewing notions auction

Friday 6 September 2013
The Shapiro Gallery is auctioning vintage couture from the Victoria and Albert boutique, which was a couture boutique in Double Bay in the 1960s, on Sunday 14 September in Woollahra. Amongst the beautiful vintage clothes and accessories there are also various lots of buttons, belt buckles, ribbons, trims and best of all - rolls and rolls of vintage European fabrics. Seriously, check out these beauties:

Five rolls of European fabric, cotton, crepe and silk from the 1960s, 70s and 80s which range in length from 2m to 9.5m and are expected to fetch $200-$300:

Another lot of five rolls of French crepe, silk georgette, silk organza ranging in length from 6m to 14.5m with a price estimate of $400 - $600:

Ribbons and trims, with a price estimate of $50 - $80.

Over three hundred red buttons and buckles, with a price estimate of $80 - $120.

And there are loads more beautiful items available.  I am very tempted to go to the pre-auction viewing only - much safer to the bank balance that way! I would love some of those fabrics - but what would I do with such long lengths? My stash is too much out of control as it is.......

Anyway for my Sydney readers and anyone else who just happens to be in Sydney on 14 September consider this my public service announcement!


  1. Thank goodness I'm safely in Brisbane! Wow what beauties though.

  2. And I nothing planned to do on Saturday...Ahhhh.

  3. I think I'd better avoid this one - looks just too enticing!

  4. And wouldn't you know it, I'm in Sydney next weekend. Might just have to detour through Woollahra...

  5. That could be very dangerous, there are some serious goodies available!

  6. You know, it would be wonderful to just have a copy of the catalog; there are sooo many cute dresses in there... it would be cool to copy some of them!