Second Sydney Sewists meetup

Sunday, 3 February 2013
I've completely forgotten to mention that Christy over at Littlebettydesigns has organised another meet up for people who like to sew, like to read sewing blogs, have a sewing blog or just want something to do this Saturday! But of course you all read her blog too so I'm already telling you something you already know, but just in case here are the details again:

Date: Saturday 9th February
Time: 1pm
Meeting point: Tessuti Fabrics, 110 Commonwealth St Surry Hills

Since I flippantly said at the last meetup that we should wear something made from the fabric purchased that day to the next meet up I've been madly trying to sew something with my fabric.  I did make the ponti dress in the last post from the fabric I bought at Tessuti's at the last meetup, but that's a bit too officey for shopping + drinks, so I've been planning something from the lovely Liberty fabric I also bought there.

Unfortunately (but probably for the best really since I shouldn't be stash building at this point in time) I can't make the shopping part of the day, but I'm going to try my best to make it to the drinking part at the end and admire everyone else's purchases.

Hope you can make it!


  1. Definitely get to the drinking part of the day!!

  2. Hope to see you at the drinking part of the day!

  3. Dayem! I am going to Sydney a couple of weeks later so you'll have to have a drink for me.

  4. Thank goodness I didn't go to the last meeting day so I am under no pressure whatsoever to produce something (hehe). I will however wear something I have sewn, but you might not be able to see it. Unless of course the drinking part brings me undone. So to speak.

  5. I can't wait to see what you make from the liberty print. I've got a couple of lengths in my stash and I'm going to have to force myself to sew with them before the little daughters get too big!

  6. Damn, I haven't read my blog this week. It's Saturday and I've missed it!

  7. Oh Wow!! There are people in Sydney who sew? How exciting, I moved from Brunswick Melbourne where we had a super healthy sewing group and have struggled to set up something in Sydney! I'm going to keep an eye on your blog!!