Sydney sewists meet up success!

Monday, 26 November 2012
Thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday - I had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to meet you all in the flesh.  I have to admit to feeling a bit nervous beforehand, sort of like when you organise a party and worry what if no one turns up? Or what if people come and just stand around not talking to each other? But I need not have worried because not only did quite a group of us turn up (and found each other instantly in Tessuti's!) I don't think we all stopped talking the entire time!  In fact we had such a good time we're planning another in February next year, so to all those who couldn't make it this time I look forward to you coming to the next one.

Like Christy over at Little Betty I spent a fair bit of time trying to decide what to wear beforehand.  It had to be self made of course but since that's the majority of my wardrobe that's easy, and I wanted a dress since I didn't need to consider functionality given I was going to be sans kids.  In the end though Toby helped me decide - just as I was leaving and I handed him over to his dad he decided to deposit his lunch all down my front, so I had to change out of the black and yellow print Burda sundress from a few posts ago, to a simple sheath dress I made pre-pregnancy from some cotton bought at Tessuti's a while back from New Look 6968:

New Look 6968

I was very relieved to still be able to fit into it although it was a little snug, although I could do without the bruises on my legs as accessories.  The wonderful Colette at Tessuti's recognised the fabric straight away, even though it was from a few years ago.  And speaking of Colette, she very generously gave our group a nice discount on our purchases, so I think most of us walked out with a carrier bag (some larger than others!).

I however was very restrained on the day, only buying three pieces.  You see we're planning to sell our house next year and I'm becoming acutely aware of how much stuff we have, not just in my sewing room but in our entire house.   The thought of packing up my house, my sewing room and my ginormous stash is in my mind every time I'm out shopping so I'm trying to stop buying so much stuff!  And to make it worse we're planning on building a new house and so in the intervening time we'll probably be living in a two bedroom apartment we own nearby.  Crazy I know, especially since we have two kids now, but it's to save some $$ during building, so my beloved stash will be in storage for some time and I'll have to be quite disciplined in project planning during that time.

But with a discount on offer at Tessuti's I couldn't resist, and I bought a gorgeous Liberty print cotton to make a nice shirt, and some blueberry ponti to make a dress of some sort for when I'm back at work next March:

And from The Fabric Store I picked up a cotton print that I plan to make a shirt style dress from:

The Fabric Store

So thank you to all the ladies that came along, it was wonderful meeting you all in real life.

P.S Therese, can you please email me your email address so I can get back to you on those measurements you want - I can't see an email address on your blog or your blogger profile.  Thanks!


  1. Meeting other sewing bloggers is so much fun, we just did a little get together in Wellington on Saturday too, I had the best day.

    I bought that same cotton print (the last one)! I'm making a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern from mine, just cut it out last week, I am looking forward to seeing what your fabric becomes.

  2. Oh fun, fun, fun!! And also fun news with the house. It seems like you just got your sewing room, but I suppose the next one will be even bigger??

  3. The meet up sounds like so much fun, I couldn't make it this time but if there's another one soon I'd love to come.
    Very exciting about the house plans - I know what you mean about the stash, moving made me very conscious of how much sewing and craft stuff I have. We ended up putting a lot of things in a storage unit while we were selling our house and moving, which was a lifesaver.

  4. I enjoyed meeting you and the others who are made keen sewers like me. Thank you for organising this get together.

  5. It was so lovely to meet both you and Kirsty in the flesh finally!
    Thank you for stopping by our store for this meet-up, it would be so much fun to spend a day fabric shopping with fellow sewers.
    All the best for the your move and new house plans.

  6. How fun that would be to have a meet up for the day! I love the dress you wore, it looks lovely on you despite your own critisms!

    I'm always so proud when I sew a project from things in my stash, because I've also become aware of the fact that I do have quite a bit these days...

  7. It was lovely meeting you Kristy, a fab day!

  8. I am so sorry I missed this. Please include me if you have another one.

  9. Simple and beautifulI sheat dress.

  10. sounds like a fun day . I know what you mean about moving and stash and stuff. We have been planning to move for several years so I have been slowly decluttering. This year I have been on a fabric diet which really sucks but I have managed to destash a bit ( except for fabric buying for my daughters _ but that gets sewn up immediately. Good luck with the move though .

  11. What a hoot to meet up! Sorry I couldn't stay for the post-shopping coffee session! Next time!
    PS your dress is just beautiful...stylish and perfect fitting!

  12. It was fantastic meeting the you and the others last Saturday and as you say we didn't stop talking the entire time. Selling, moving and building homes, oh you are game but we did let you know where you can come for some sanity sewing.