Besieged by Burda

Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Even though I haven't mentioned it for a while, I haven't given up on my Burda challenge inspired by Julie's more comprehensive Burda challenge over at ReadyThreadSew.  The challenge I have set myself is to sew at least one garment from each magazine in the month I receive it and before the next one lands in my mailbox.  But the good thing about a self set challenge is that you can reset the parameters without hurting anyone but yourself! I think I might make my challenge to sew something from each issue before the end of the year because this month things have gone haywire.

About two and a half weeks ago I finally received my March issue in the mail after waiting impatiently for ages.  I'm so glad I haven't renewed my subscription with that company because it was getting very annoying waiting so long for them to arrive.  But as soon as I got it I sat down and traced out the pattern for pants 3/2012 #126 and have even cut them out to make a muslin but haven't sewn them yet since I'm up to my eyeballs in nappy sewing at the moment.

Then exactly on the 1st of June, not only did my June issue arrive from my new subscription directly through Burda Style but they also included the May issue as well.  What amazing customer service - I had organised my subscription after the May issue had been released and so fully expected my subscription to start with the June issue, but since they thoughtfully sent it to my now I don't have to search it out. Thanks again to Renata for telling me about subscriptions directly from Burda Style, they are so much more efficient.

And then to cap it off, a few days later I received the April issue which is the final issue from previous subscription.  So now I have four garments to churn out before the end of the month if I want to get my challenge back on track.  Hmmm, we'll have to see about that.

To make things worse I haven't exactly found the April or June issues exactly inspiring either.  I found April particularly lacking but I have decided on the super simple a-line skirt 4/2012 #122 (version B), in a bright coloured cotton drill that I have in the stash:

The May issue had quite a few nice garments in amongst the shapeless tunics and wacky one shouldered big ruffled dresses, but I've decided to make skirt 5/2012 #119 in a brushed cotton again from the stash:

The June issue pretty much has nothing I want to make, but I will attempt to find some suitable fabric in the stash to make jacket 6/2012 #121:

So this is a pretty boring post wasn't it? But I'm hoping that by making my to do list public I'll be more likely to follow through. 

Totally unrelated but just to liven this post up, here's a funny photo of Anna:

She was running up the footpath in our street in her tutu and bright pink Crocs as you do, when she spotted a bizarre cactus plant towering over a fence and she literally skidded to a halt and was transfixed by it!


  1. And don't forget Kristy, the subscription is also much cheaper the new way. So now let me do some more mischief, come over to Pattern Review and make your public announcement there. There are a few bullies there to keep you to your one garment a month dream. It is working for me. Are there no limits to Anna's gorgeousness, soooo cute.

  2. Love that photo of Anna! I have found that subscribing to Threads magazine directly from the publisher takes two thirds off the price than if i got it through sites like Isubscribe. Haoppy sewing with the Burdas.

  3. I'm feeling guilty now that I haven't updated my Burda challenge for over a month. My sewing mojo went AWOL at the end of April and hasn't completely returned yet.

  4. How did I miss that Jacket in the June Burda, need to have another look. Anna is so cute, that is going to be an amazing flower spike when all the flowers bloom.

  5. I think that you can relax the rules of your challenge a bit for a four magazine month! I'm curious about the skirt with the horizontal pleats; I'll let you make it up firs, lol.

  6. I'm glad you had the camera at hand to capture the moment with Anna and the agave flower. How wonderful to see a child enthralled by nature!

  7. Ah! I made those march trousers, the fit is really weird. Like, reeeeeally low rise in the front, and strangely tight through the lower thighs. Nd burda trousers have all fitted me perfectly in the past. Mine are a few wears away from going in the charity shop pile... Just so you've been warned!

  8. Isn't that cute.... I believe I would have been hypnotized myself. That is an amazing thing!
    Your challenge will be a challenge in it's self! I do like the jacket quite a lot... I may have to check out that Burda... although, I'm thinking that I have a pattern that is very similar. Guess I had better look thru the pattern stash first.
    Oh, and for Mother's Day I received a gift card to a local Hobby Lobby store... (they have craft items,fabric, home decor etc...
    Anyway I found these cute books... I bought one one day and went back the next to get the other one! Happy sewing!
    "Cute Clothes" for Kids by Rob Merrett and "Making Children's Clothes" by Emma Hardy. Cute, cute stuff.... check them out!

  9. It looks like the cactus is transfixed by Anna as well. lol.