Pattern gorging

Tuesday, 15 March 2011
Wow, I'm glad you all liked my fuchsia dress as much as I do! It makes a nice change from the usual lovely but oh so serious style of work dress that I usually wear. I did wear it to work this week with stockings and a blazer but since I didn't line the skirt portion of dress it stuck to my legs and rode up a bit. I'll have to invest in a half slip (can you still buy those?) or make a full lining for it.

My Vogue patterns finally turned up in the post yesterday, I'm so glad they didn't get lost in the system. I did notice the postage cost on the envelope was only $5.44US, so Sewing Dragon they made money out of me too, or at least they certainly charged a lot for handling.....

Because it was $15 postage for 1-3 patterns and they were on sale for $3.99, of course I bought 3 patterns, which are:

Vogue 8543, the skirt suit which you've already seen. I plan to make this out of a light grey textured wool flannel. I know, I know, I'm reverting back to grey but I swear I have just the right fabric in the stash that I want to use for this suit and that's why! Plus I think a light grey colour is a good neutral base for wearing it with vivid blouses and scarves.

Vogue 1156, which is an Anne Klein dress that is quite simple but I like those radiating pleats from the neckline (sunray pleats?), and having not only a princess seamed bodice but also a waistline seam front and back should help greatly in getting a good fit. No fabric picked out for it as yet, but I would like to make it soon(ish).

Vogue 1192, another Anne Klein dress which I discovered after ordering that it had really bad reviews over on pattern review. So this might sit in the stash for a little while, until I feel up to another monumental fitting challenge!

Katherine H asked in the comments to the last post which Simplicity patterns I purchased from sewing recently. Only happy to oblige!

Simplicity 2337, my first Project Runway pattern. I'm actually sewing a muslin for this at present and plan to sew the final version out of a charcoal grey herringbone polyester fabric.

Simplicity 2443, a Cynthia Rowley pattern that I bought mainly for the jacket because I don't have many casual, non corporate but still cute jackets to wear with jeans.

Simplicity 2253, which is a formal gown for which I have very little need for in my wardrobe but I thought that maybe I could make this knee length in a cotton for a smart casual summer dress. Possibly even contrasting colours for those diagonal strips around the torso if that didn't look too naff. But since it's a summery pattern it will have to wait a few months now.

Simplicity 2320 which is a children's Project Runway pattern that I'm planning to make a longer sleeved version in a fine wale corduroy for Anna.

Simplicity 2907, another kids pattern that I bought to make Anna a shirt dress but again will have to wait until next summer now. Helpfully the pattern ranges in size from 1/2 to 4 so I have plenty of years to get around to making it!

But the pattern gorging doesn't end there either! I recently bought two Ottobre magazines at the suggestion of several readers who assure me that the fit is better than the Big 4 catalogue. I bought these from Crafty Mamas, who are the Australian distributors, and they arrived very quickly in the mail so I can certainly recommend a purchase (or two) from them.

There are some really cool clothes for babies through toddlers to kids in these magazines, so I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of them. In fact, I've already made a pair of jeans from one of these that just needs a snap or button inserted to be done.

And finally I happened to be in Kinokinuyas the other day when they were having a 20% off all craft books. So I purchased this lovely Japanese sewing book which I hope to start using soon:

Thank you so much to those who offered to purchase patterns in those amazing US sales and on post them to us long suffering Australians in an overpriced sewing pattern market, it is very kind of you but also very evil in an enabling kind of way! As you can see I definitely do not need, and should not buy, more patterns. For now. Maybe in the future I'll be in touch...

Summerflies (of the aptly named Sew Darn Tired) asked how Anna is sleeping - well I am happy to announce that since we made the appointment for the sleep specialist (which is next Friday) the little monkey has been sleeping great! It's like she knew we had reached our breaking point and so her work in destroying us was done. Seriously, in the last two weeks we've had several nights of her sleeping through until 6.30am, and the other nights she'll only wake once or twice but go back to sleep relatively quickly. Don't know how long this will last, and we will keep the sleep specialist appointment, but I'm enjoying it - especially as it means that during her waking hours she is such a more pleasant child to be around. Fingers crossed it lasts.


  1. Normally I just lurk :-) but seeing your daughter is sleeping better and you have a sleep specialist appointment I just wanted to encourage you to keep the appointment even if she seems to KEEP sleeping well... my experience is that as soon as you cancel the appointment the sleep difficulties start up again!

    I tend to buy up at those Vogue online sales too. As at late Nov. '10 I was able to get 7 patterns for a shipping cost of $28 to Sydney, and at $5 per pattern it was still a bargain. I think you can currently get 6 sent here for $25... not wishing to encourage more gorging at the Vogue clearance sale of course!

  2. Of course you would have known that Ana would sleep better ... it's always the way. Maybe you relaxed more because you knew you were dealing with it and she felt you let go, so she did?? The little people know more than us I think sometimes... their communication isn't as good only!
    I really love the brighter colours on you. I like the sound of the grey wool (I really like grey and prefer it to black, black black), I hope you experiment with more colours. I'm voting emerald again. Sofie

  3. So glad to hear your darling is sleeping better :)

    Have fun with the Ottobre's - they are simply fantastic patterns :) With superb drafting.

    I love the dress patterns you have picked out - I would be tempted but have never had any luck with the big 4, so I stick with the pattern mags instead ;)

  4. I order sewing patterns internationally too, what a scam that is. I can't believe they charge $15 for an envelope that costs $5 to send. I always wait for the sales.

    And I had no idea about the site so thank you for that info! I've been wanting patterns from some of those smaller companies and thought it was impossible.

  5. I love the Vogue dresses you picked out, I especially think the last one will look great on you. I can't wait until I have a little one to sew for. I would love to see Anna in a shirt dress, she would look so, so cute.

  6. I just purchased Simplicity 2443 for myself, and I am excited to see you have it as well! Also, I LOVE Ottobre!! I don't buy nearly as many patterns for children now that I have Ottobre magazine.

  7. You got some fabulous patterns!! I made Simplicity 2907 for Myra last August and it is unbelievably adorable. She had just turned 2 and the size 1 was a perfect fit. That said, now that I get Ottobre, I almost never sew envelope patterns for the kids anymore. Otto's sizing is more consistent and the drafting is better.
    I'm glad Anna is giving you a bit of a break and I hope she keeps it up! As a pediatrician, I can't tell you how often the kid gets better once you make the appointment. It's a running gag in the doctor world.

  8. I have ordered from Vogue as well, and noticed that when you get over 7-8 patterns the postage price goes up to $55!!! That's as much postage as I pay for a reasonable amount of fabric weighing several pounds/1.5 kgs. How can they justify it? What a shame that overall it's still cheaper than buying in Australia. It took several weeks for mine to arrive as well, but I would still buy that way in future as we don't get the full range of patterns here (at least not in Spotlight where I buy most of mine).

  9. Oh yikes I am making that Vogue 1192 for a bridesmaid dress for myself - I also forgot to check PR. Sounds like I'm in for an interesting time!
    Lovely patterns!

  10. Could you tell us how you do your muslin test garments and show an example of one please? I have done a couple for jackets recently, and I basically want to get an idea of the design and whether or not it suits me, and check some basic fit issues. I only do one sleeve and don't sew in the facings. It gives me a good idea of whether or not to go on and sew up the fashion fabric. Thanks, Lizzie.

  11. So happy for you that Anna is sleeping better! That usually happens when the appointment is made...

    As for the slip... I would suggest either making a half slip (a retangle of your hip measurment plus seam allowances, how long you want it plus seam allowances.. elastic for the waist and maybe a little lace at the hem) or buying a vintage one. It is really not very easy to find a RTW slip and when you do they are very expensive and the quality is sub par. Oh and usually it only comes in white or beige.

    Also this book 'Sewing Lingerie That Fits: Stylish Underwear, Sleepwear and Loungewear for Everyday Living' by Karen Morris is very good.. Book gives simple instrustions to draft slip, camisole, panties and has other great information. I just found this book at the library and it was very helpful.