I must be crazy....

Tuesday 23 November 2010
It was my birthday last weekend - thank you in advance to all of you who will leave well wishes in the comments. My husband bought me some Japanese sewing books as a gift for me, at my choosing of course, he's not that good! First up is the "Let's Go Out Girls Clothes", part of the charmingly named Heart Warming Life Series, which has 25 patterns for little girls of height 90 - 130cm:
And I also bought "Easy Clean Clothes" part of the Polka Drops series which contains 34 patterns for boys and girls clothes for heights 90 - 130cm:
As if tracing and deciphering crazy Burda instructions isn't hard enough, now I'm going to try and do it when it's all in Japanese! But check out this absurd amount of cuteness:

The instructions are accompanied by some detailed drawings which should help, and frankly even though Burda instructions are written in english they aren't that frequently useful or understandable anyway. Plus I found a new to me blog - a little red robin - which helpfully provides a list of sources for help in Japanese sewing.

Birthday weekend was great, Anna had a sleepover at her grandparents while my husband and I partook in some fine wining, dining and uninterrupted sleeping at the Sydney Hilton. I can highly recommend Glass brassiere to any Sydneysiders - Luke Mangan the celebrity chef has put together a fantastic menu and the food was delicious.
And now I really need to get back to my summer sewing plan!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the news books you have. Hope to see some creations too.

  2. Hooray for birthdays! Do you mean to tell me that these books actually have patterns? You don't have to have a sloper and then make changes? If so... I might be picking up a couple new books!

  3. Well Happy Birthday to you! These japanese patterns will be very cute on Anna. The Hilton? he must really love you!

  4. Sounds like your birthday was wonderful. Hope it's the best year yet! The books certainly do have some amazing clothes. How fun to have a girl to sew for.

  5. Já vejo como Ana ficará linda nestes modelos.
    Parabéns por seu aniversário.

    Eilane - Brasil

    I can see how beautiful these models will be Ana.
    Congratulations on your birthday.

    Eilane - Brazil

  6. What beautiful children's clothes! Can't wait to see your garments. What a terrific gift.

  7. Happy, Happy Day... mine was the week b/4!
    Nothing like having a day or two with just the hubby!
    The books look great... I spent some time with our son/dil... went to attend a funeral... but got to see them also.
    Take care, do some sewing and enjoy life!

  8. Happy Birthday! I have the first book you posted as well! I love the clothes in it, all of it! I want to translate the girl shorts with drawstring pockets into my adult size, which should be plenty easy :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I have a couple of these books, but have made only one thing so far. I just love the photos in the books, that alone makes the purchase worth it.

  10. Where do you get your japanese pattern books? I love them!

  11. I just found your blog... I also own the Going Out Girl's Clothes book and just tried it this weekend for the first time. Have you made anything from it yet? I started with the hat-- and it came out too big. :( I'd love to know your experience...