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Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Yesterday I received a package from the lovely Kaye who is giving away a gazillion patterns over at her blog. Since I am such an avid vintage pattern collector / greedy hoarder, these are the lovelies I requested and received:
So much goodness for the mere price of postage! The Style dress in the top row is a maternity dress so it will be a very long time before I sew that (fingers crossed for no accidents), but I love the shell top in Simplicity 6444 and that Fabiani designer Vogue pattern is gorgeous if I could find the right fabric. I don't know how old exactly Simplicity 4586 girls dress and coat pattern is, but it's obviously from a more naive time because look at the back of the pattern envelope:

In case you can't see that clearly, yes the pattern does say it is suitable for 'chubbies', but make sure you purchase additional fabric for chubby girls. I'm partly shocked at the nastiness of it, but partly amused at times when things could be said so bluntly and simply be accepted!

Gosh, so much loving feedback on the last post - thank you all for comments, it certainly encourages me to go through my unloved pile of UFOs and come up something amazing. Vicki - you must have incredible eyesight, because yes those mint green heels do match the mint green stripe through the fabric. Carolyn - I have a little one who LOUDLY reminds me constantly that she exists, so there's no hiding from the fact that I have a one year old LOL! But I attribute all the weight loss to her never sleeping, since I probably walked the equivalent of a marathon every day and night trying to settle her. And maybe breastfeeding for 14 months, which is finally finished and the girls are back in more attractive bras! (Sorry if that's too much info!)

And finally thank you to Stephanie who has awarded me this:
Stephanie has a deep love of horses, which I have to say I'm secretly scared of horses because I have this irrational and unfounded fear that hey will bite me with those big chompers of theirs and they always seem to be giving me beady stares so I steer clear of 'em. That's just me - a bit unexplainable sometimes. But how can you not love a blog called 10 sewing machines and a serger ? Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 12 other bloggers, but I have the baby asleep and husband watching Top Gear so I'm going to disappear into my sewing room for a while so excuse me for breaking the rules!


  1. Chubbies!! Amazing - when would that ever have been ok to put into print??

  2. OH NO!!! I am having flashbacks to my childhood in the 1970's. True confession--I was a "chubbie" girl. Worse yet, when I outgrew those, the sales associate at K-Mart told my mother that we could try the boy's "Husky" size jeans. We had a lot of trouble finding clothes for a few years until I hit a growth spurt and "grew into" my weight.

    Fortunately, I had my loving mother to sew up stuff for me that didn't have labels.

  3. I remember going into Sears and they, like other department stores at the time, had a specific department for chubbies. I think the fact that chubbies had their own racks of clothing in the stores is way ahead of where we are now. In those days there were far less chubbies in the tween ages than you see today, yet their needs were catered to. As I remember it the clothes and patterns were just as cute as the non chubbies.
    I, too, think there is something really right about being able to say what you think and have it simply accepted or rejected. The earth didn't crumble if you weren't politically correct back then. Political correctness did not exist. Just read a little of LBJ and Nixon.

  4. Kids who were thought of as chubbie could get clothes that fit and we didn't have this almost obscene fascination with the perfect size or shape. For most 'chubbie' kids they were just a little plump, not excessively overweight like you see so many kids now.

    Also, I seem to remember that most chubbie kids were thought to be cute. Times were different.

  5. Chubbies! That's nothing they used to have a "Husky" section in the boys department!..... Ahhh just noticed Diane Drexel's comment! LoL... yep... but then... wayyyy back b/4 they had girls jeans... we had to go to the boys department to find blue jeans to wear... and those guys didn't have hips!
    The patterns that you got are great! I'm thinking of making a cute Spring coat and dress for my granddaughter.... enjoy your patterns.