back to work

Thursday, 4 February 2010
So I survived my first three days being back at work - it was bizarre being there because it felt like nothing at all had changed! Happily the person who was filling in my role for the last 14 months did so much work (in fact probably more work than I've done in the last three years LOL) and managed to finish all the old pesky projects that I thought would come back to haunt me. It's all pretty boring though, I'd much rather be at home creating things than working in the policy section of a government department, but I've gotta fund my fabric addiction somehow!

Funnily I was having major wardrobe crises each morning this week, I have so many work clothes but I don't seem to like many of them anymore! Which is understandable because it's been nearly two years since I've worn some of them and I guess my body shape has changed a bit since having a baby. Now this means I have reason to start sewing some more work clothes, which is great because I realise that's my favourite things to sew.

I didn't get much sewing done at all this week being a bit too tired after a work day, just a bit of gentle unpicking in front of the telly and doing a little bit on some more Viking costumes for my friend. But I did make this very cute bag to hold all of Anna's bits and pieces to take to daycare (spare set of clothes, nappies, dummy etc):

An easy peasy drawstring bag that I just french seamed the two side seams and used some ribbon for the drawstring. It's in pink and white seersucker from the stash, with little white felt letters appliqued onto polka dot circles of fabric which in turn are appliqued onto the bag. This took me about an hour to make, which is well worth it since I have seen similar screenprinted bags sells for more than $20!

I picked up my overlocker today too from the servicers and it seems to be working fine so soon I'll be able to get on with finishing a few things. Not tonight though, I'm having a few kids around tomorrow for a play date and once I stop procrastinating/blogging, I need to tidy up groan....


  1. Congratulations on survivng yur first week back at work. The most surprising thing I found after returning to work after having time off with my first baby is how my priorities had changed. Things which were once really important seemed trivial.
    Cute bag!

  2. Going to work sure does drain you. When at work I think of all the things I will do when I get home, but then the best I can do is plonk in front of the computer or TV. And now all the good shows are back.....

  3. Oh I forgot to say the bag is really cute. You will be making more of those when she needs a library bag for school. I remember I recyled an old wrap circle skirt for my eldest's first library bag. I was recycling before it was

  4. Well done on your working week, you should feel really proud!

    I never knew what french seams were so when you mentioned them just now I googled and now get it! RIGHT!

    Thanks and hope Anna is doing well!

  5. That feeling of being bored at work will soon disappear. I remember feeling that way after being out for 6 weeks with my youngest. It didn't last long! Love the bag. Great way to label without having to write her name in the corner!

  6. LOL how is it possible to have wardrobe issues with all the sewing you do?

    By the way, can I tell you that I'm just incredibly jealous of your super-neat house in all your pictures? Please tell me everything out of the camera shot is messy, please!

    With my six children, I can only dream of having a house that neat when they're grown. Of course, by then I'll probably have 25 grandchildren! ;-)

    Linked to your blog on my blog.

  7. That's a cute little bag. Enjoy daydreaming and then making your new work wardrobe.

  8. Glad your first days back were uneventful! And as for having to sew new clothes for work - isn't that a good thing with all of those awesome fabrics you have waiting to be used! :)