my new toy

Friday, 16 October 2009
So I got sucked into the 20% off everything sale at Spotlight yesterday, and a $1000 later I got out of there! But I don't have anything I need to squirrel inside and hide from my husband since he was there with helping me carry the purchases, luckily 'cos I don't know how I'd explain that figure on our credit card bill!

Yesterday morning my husband had a molar tooth extracted, and after I convinced him to take the rest of the day off work I dragged him to Spotlight to buy some curtain fabrics I had finally decided to get. After seriously considering buying some curtain fabrics that were around the $50 a metre mark (bearing in mind I need 27 metres), I saw some very similar patterns in Spotlight for only $16.95 a metre. But being the tightwad I am, I knew if I waited long enough that Spotlight would have one of their frequent 20% off sales. So that was the reason for going to Spotlight in the first place, 27m of fabric and curtain tape were purchased and we were about to head out when my husband says 'why don't we look at the sewing machines?'. Clearly the pain killers the dentist had given him had gone to his head, or he's planning a big purchase himself shortly (new golf clubs perhaps?). But who am I to not jump at the chance.

My current sewing machine is a Brother PS-55 which has worked great for the last five or six years, but it is extremely basic and has a four step buttonhole which drives me nuts. All I wanted in a new machine was a one step buttonhole with a number of buttonhole stitches to choose from. Well, I bought this:

which has 70 stitches (68 of which I'll probably never use LOL), including a one step buttonhole and 7 buttonhole types to choose from. Yay! My buttonholes should improve dramatically now. It also has an automatic needle threader, and a fancy function where you can start and stop sewing by pressing a button on the front instead of using the foot controller. So if one day for some reason I can't use my legs I'll still be able to sew (there is a silver lining to everything).

I stuck with the Brother brand for no particular reason other than my current basic one has given me no problems over the years despite never being serviced, and I have bought a few extra presser feet so I figured if I bought the same brand I would be able to use them still (here's hoping they fit). Since I don't do embroidery or quilting I just needed a good mid-range sewing machine.

Anyway now to read the manual and work out how to use these fancy functions and start sewing those curtains (yawn). Wheeee, it's almost like christmas! Which scarily is only 10 weeks away now......


  1. I can't think of a better motivation to sewing (yawn) curtains, than a new sewing machine. :)

  2. Lucky girl! I am saving for a new overlocker and I want the top model in the bablock range. That is something I can't hide on the credit card either.

  3. Hi! This is the twin model of mine! (I got mine last NYE on sale!)

    Buttonholes will be your new BFF! I do them all the time now, stuff those 4 step ones! YAY x a million!

  4. Congratulations Kristy, hope you enjoy it! How exciting..

  5. How nice! A new sewing machine!
    I was thinking of you earlier this morning when I walked out in the sudden freezing winter weather we're having here in Italy and thinking that you are going towards warmer weather now... And although I love winter (and autumn, and spring and summer) this morning I (and my ice-cold feet) felt like I could use a bit of spring.
    Have fun with your new toy!

  6. Congratulations! It took me 1/2 hour to figure out how to use my self-threader!!! LoL... some of us are just technology challanged... that's all!
    Here's hoping that your drapes sewing goes quickly...
    Keep an eye on that credit card! LoL...

  7. Seriously, is Christmas only 10 weeks away? Oh I am just not ready...*sigh*

    Congratulations on your new machine! And you will find that you will use more of those stitches than you think you will! :)

  8. Congratulations on the new toy! Have lots of fun with it and show us those curtains! 27 yards, yikes!

  9. What a great way to get that machine all warmed up...sewing the (yawn) curtains. Congratulations!

  10. I want a machine with more than one buttonhole! I am very envious. If there was a Spotlight within spitting distance I would check this sale out ... wait ... there's one in Lismore and it's only an hour away from me! I agree with Carolyn, you will use more of those stitches than you realise!

  11. FUN! FUN! FUN! Enjoy your new machine.

  12. Soo.... it's Monday now! Do you have that machine all figured out?
    Bet your working on it aren't you! Good for you! Hope your having fun! Me, I'm having the flu! Blaaaa
    Oh, well it could be worse... I went to help my friend who has it and wow does she ever have it! Guess I got it from her... poor thing was getting dehydrated and ended up at the dr's for a couple of shots to stop the outs... so to speak! I'm nothing like that! Feeling much better today actually... I've had it since Friday a.m. I got onto the scale... heck of a way to loose 5 pounds! LoL.... hmmmm? Nahhh!