getting back into garment sewing

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

mochimo, you hit the nail on the head with your comment to my last post - I'm missing garment sewing around here too! Making clothes is far more satisfying than home dec sewing or nappies (shudder at the memory of my stuff up there), and since mother's day was just last weekend I decided to make a skirt for my mum to go with a purchased top. Not that my mum often wears skirts, but I figure that if I keep giving her skirts she may one day wear them at least once and gradually change her mind (hint hint if you're reading this mum!). Her excuse is that she needs some new shoes to wear with a skirt - seriously sometimes I can't believe we're related.....

Sorry for the bad photo, I should have ironed the skirt because it doesn't have a seam or crease down the front, it just looks that way. Also I have lost the legs to my dressmakers dummy somewhere along the way between it being stored at my parents house and now being moved into my sewing room, which is why it is sitting funnily perched on the edge of my desk.

I used Simplicity 5914, which is a six panel skirt that I've made several times before for myself here and here. I think it is a good pattern to use when sewing for another person who isn't available for fitting, because with the six panels there are plenty of seams to gradually take the skirt in or out depending on what is needed without affecting the line of the skirt too much. It's also really quick despite having six panels, because it has a facing instead of a waistband and is unlined, although other versions I've made I have lined.

The fabric I used is a light brown houndstooth check of unknown fabric content which was given to me several years ago by my neighbour who is a pattern cutter that works for a clothing manufacturer which must be one of the few left here in Sydney. The good thing about her job is that she often brings remnants of fabrics used in the previous seasons fashions and sometimes passes them onto me - the best kind of neighbour!

I'm pretty happy with the way the skirt turned out, and since there is enough fabric left I may just make one for myself. I swore to myself that I wouldn't wear mummy and me outfits with Anna, but as long as I don't wear it when my mum is wearing hers it should be ok! And this skirt seriously took about hour to cut out and sew, so I have time to make it before I delve back into the arduous task of re-making those blasted nappies (the right way this time!).

Anyway I hope you all had a great mother's day, either celebrating your mother or celebrating as a mother. This is my first year with a foot in both camps and my husband went all out to make it special. The cynic in me however suspects he did that to ensure he gets the same treatment come father's day! He got up early and made a nice breakfast and even though in all seriousness I wanted a new pair of slippers (I know, very cliched) he gave me one of those Ipod speaker systems for my sewing room. Just saying 'sewing room' makes my heart flutter with excitement, although it is a massive mess at the moment because I have just been moving things into the room and haven't sorted anything out as yet. Just another thing to do......


  1. Okay you are going to love the iPod system. It is amazing and keeps me great company when I'm sewing. That DH of yours is a keeper!

  2. Hey, but that's my name right at the beginning of your post! Reading it struck me with such a nice feeling. Happy sewing!

  3. I've made that skirt several times as well and LOVE it! I'm not much of a dress person, and I don't often wear skirts (like your mom!) but this one is a fav and can be made in pretty much any fabric.

  4. Great classic skirt and a lovely gift.

  5. Nice choice in skirts. I'm sure your mom will love it.

  6. Thanks for the comments on my blog Kristy. And sounds like your DH did a good job on Mother's day.
    Sewing Room.... sounds good to me too! Nothing like it!
    The skirt is cute, I too have made this one b/4 for myself and for's a keeper!
    I guess I thought you had already done the resew on the nappies... hang in there. They will be done b/4 you know it and much appreciated too!

  7. LOL, mummy and me outfits. Avoid at all costs!

  8. Geez, I love the sound of your neighbour!!