I wear what I sew part 3: polka dot wool skirt suit

Tuesday, 27 May 2008
Thank you all for the lovely comments on the previous wardrobe posts - I'm glad you're liking them and I hope I'm not boring you with all the details. I do love blogs about what people wear on a daily basis, particularly Kasmira's What I wore today, because she has such a great sense of adventure and colour combination skills. But boy is it hard work to take a photo everyday, particularly now that it's nearly winter here in Sydney and the light is pretty bad, hence all my indoor photos.

Anyway, on to the outfit that I wore to work last Wednesday:

You may recognise both the skirt and jacket from this suit. The jacket is one of the four that I have made so far from Vogue 2641, the Donna Karan pattern that I posted for the blue wool skirt suit. The skirt is the flared yoke skirt that I made for the Burda WoF skirt suit posted about here, which is Simplicity 5914.

The fabric is 100% wool purchased from Lincraft when it was having a sale, because the original price was $39.95 per metre, but I think I bought it at $19.95 a metre. It is a very smooth and soft wool, not at all scratchy like some wools can be, in an olive green colour, with white and pale brown polka dots. It really is striking, whilst still being subdued because of the soft, autumnal colours.

Because this fabric is a bit thicker than the wool flannel I used in the Burda WoF skirt suit, the hem of the skirt sticks out a bit rather than sitting in lovely folds around my legs. But it does get that glorious swishy action when I walk, so I still like it just the way it is.

I wore this with a white cotton shirt that I made last year, from a sloper pattern that I made after doing a pattern making course at the Sydney Community College. This shirt pattern is brilliant, I get such a good fit and am able to churn out a shirt very quickly using it, so I guess it is another TNT pattern. You know I have so many more TNT patterns than I ever thought I did now that I am documenting what I’ve made.

That would be my messy office in the background - I think all the papers laid out strategically fools a lot of people into thinking I am super busy!

So I am now nine garments worn from nine garments made, still 100%. I have to admit though, because I knew I was going to keep count I did deliberately wear more of my made clothes than RTW clothes, but I still think that most weeks my outfits would consist of around 60 – 70% of made clothes, so it does justify my pattern and fabric stash (are you reading this husband?).


  1. What a great outfit! It's professional, but not boring - thanks to the little flounces along the bottom of the skirt, which really show some personality! :)

  2. Hi Kristi,
    I discovered your blog through dressaday and have been dropping by to visit. I like your sense of style and adventure in sewing. It is very inspiring to see all the great combinations you come up with. I am curious about your winter--how cold does it get and do you get a lot of snow and ice?

  3. What a beautiful suit! So polished and professional!

  4. That's a great suit. I love these posts about wearing what you sew. I'm currently trying to just sew more so i can get my tailoring skill level up to the point that I can actually sew something that I can actually add to my work wardrobe (business formal office). Please keep the posts comin'!

  5. Another awesome outfit! Please continue to add the outfits. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing all the items you've made and wear.

  6. You do make such beautiful classic clothes! And I love the way you are documenting what you are wearing. I started doing that last year but with all the turmoil happening in my life it has gone by the wayside. I think I might just have consider doing that again.

  7. You have amazing sewing skills! I can't believe your last three posts show three suits! And I'm sure you've made even more. I would proudly wear every single one of these suits -- brava!

  8. I think this is one of my favorites! Polkadots are so fabulous.

  9. I found your blog on Sew Retro. I absolutely love your styling. This suit is simply gorgeous (and the shoes too). You have a very classy style. I hope to acheive such superb tayloring as you one day. I love this skirt pattern. It works great on your body. I wish I had the correct shape to pull this off. Beautiful work as usual.