sewing machine monogamy

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Claire (aka Seemane) asked me in the comments a few posts ago whether I would keep my old overlocker threaded in a neutral colour and continue to use it.  That was my initial plan, until I was half way through sewing my latest project and then I realised there is just no going back! The main reason I got the new overlocker is because it is self threading with auto tension, but the other reason is that I could never get a very good stitch on my old overlocker because the tensions was never quite right.

So I was sewing a rather simple tshirt out of some interlock fabric from the stash using the old overlocker because it was still threaded with navy thread, when I realised I should just change threads in my new overlocker because the threads my old overlocker was making were all loopy and droopy and were driving me mental trying to fix the tension.  Five minutes later my new machine was threaded up and it made a much better stitch that looks so much better.

I made a short sleeve version of the boat neck top 108 from Burda 2/09, such a simple pattern with just three pieces and a turned down neckline:

I even got a few of those stripes lined up at the shoulder seams too which I was pretty pleased with. I think I might have a little problem with stripes though, I seriously have about 7 stripey tshirts in various colours and sleeve lengths in my wardrobe at the moment! It's a tad chilly around here now that we're in winter so this is how I wore it last week:

Ok so it's not snowing weather but it is down to single figures which is pretty cold for us Sydneysiders.  In fact it's so cold I'm thinking of making a jacket for the dog because he's quite lean and has been shivering like crazy lately the poor thing.

I will keep my old overlocker as a back up machine, but I don't think I'll be using it anymore though.  Like I said, once you've tasted champagne you can't go back to vinegar!!

In answer to other recent questions:

Jean - the Opera House was lit up in different colours and patterns, changing every few seconds so it was quite spectacular.

Sewingelle - I had my old overlocker serviced not that long ago which improved things slightly, but I could still never get the tension quite right.  Hope you had better luck with your machine!

Georgeina - for the bibs I used a terry towelling nappy for the back layer, and a mix of woven and knit cottons from the scrap bag for the front.  No inner waterproof layer, mainly because I didn't have any waterproof fabric in the stash, but I find with the nappy fabric on the back they are quite absorbent anyway.


  1. Love the stripes. I'm obsessed with horizontal stripes right now too. I bought 3 RTW striped sweaters this past winter. We are sweating now, since it is summer here.

    I would abandon the old overlocker too. My Imagine is so fast to thread and the stitches so perfect, I could not go back.

  2. That's a really great top! I am partial to stripes myself.

  3. Wow - you are better than I am! My old one got kicked to the curb (donated to my daughter) and I never looked back even with my threading issues.

    Cute top, btw!

  4. Lovely stripey goodness! Now you've got me drooling over your serger. I have an old Elna that I got eons ago in college. It's at the repair shop right now b/c my lower looper thread keeps breaking. I really want a new one like yours.

  5. That last picture with the dog is so lovely - like something I expect to see in the Good Weekend magazine! It was 9degrees when I went to the gym this morning! It's not supposed to be that cold in Byron! I'm considering a dog jacket, too. Poor Molly crawled under the covers last night she was so cold.

  6. That's like the time years ago when I 'just went in to try' a new sewing machine. And I never sewed on my old clunker again... Borrowed the money off my boyfriend to fund the purchase! Lol

  7. Great tee-shirt and I love the red jacket. My DD1 has ordered a few t-shirts so I think this pattern is better for her than the one I'd planned on using. It sure is cold today!

  8. Thanks for your response to me about overlocker servicing.

    I took mine in this week. My wonderful servicing guy looked at it, said the timing looked okay then looked at the threading through the tension drums. 'It looks like the threads might not be all the way in" he said.


    He was right.

    Because I lazily rethreaded by cutting the old ones ofn the spools, tieing the new ones to the old then bringing them through by "overlocking", I had perpetuated my mistake...

    Now it works like a treat!.

    Your top looks great. I have a stripe addiction too...

  9. Like the top...and hmmm macho red or blue for the dog? He will love ya forever!
    Today is sewing day... gotta go!

  10. Thanks for this - I desperately need new tees and have fabric in my stash for them. I've also just discovered Burda at my local library - yay!!

  11. Love it. You look great with the cherry red jacket. Go with the nautical stripes, if it's you, you'll enjoy wearing them. Life's too short to avoid wearing what pleases us, right?
    Any issues with the wide bateau neckline and bra strap over-exposure?

    BTW I also got a new overlocker a few years ago because threading my old one drove me nuts. The higher price was 100% worth it, because I quickly used this one and enjoyed using it more than the previous. Sometimes I would spend more time threading and re-threading than actual sewing for a project, and the time estimate of serging made me stick to simpler projects. A good machine is so liberating for creativity and enjoyment.