how to make a scarf

Saturday, 13 March 2010
Thank you all for the lovely comments on the top in the last post, I have decided to try some darts in the back and to split the side seam at the hem in an attempt to reduce the billowy back but if that doesn't work I'll just wear it as it. It looks good from the front and that's all I can see LOL! I can't take credit for the scarf idea though, I chose View B (the pink top on the left) thinking it was a cowl neckline, but it was just really a seperate scarf artfully drawn in a lovely draped manner:

But it was super easy to make, in fact here's the instruction sheet:

To make it even easier to sew I used my narrow hem foot which is a fiddly pain in the beehind to use, but once you've started the seam it turns out brilliantly and is so fast to sew a narrow hem using it. Plus you save layers of skin on your fingers by not steam ironing a narrow hem!

So if you'd like to try one for yourself, here's the dimensions:

Just remember to cut it with the long straight edge on the bias so it drapes properly. I think this is a much better shape for a scarf than the traditional square or rectangle shape because you always end up folding those into a triangle anyway and with this one you just knot and you're done! Swipe on some red lipstick, and you'll be so Frenchy, so chic!


  1. Totally going to do this, thanks!

  2. I will have to go pull my pattern out and try this out! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It looks easy to do for such a good look.