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Friday, 24 October 2008
nearly a week has gone by without me posting, which is extremely slack of me - I know I enjoy reading new posts on other people's blogs (it passes a good chunk of the work day for me these days!) and miss them when they haven't posted for a while, so I do try to post regularly. However this week I was feeling rather uninspired and lost for words really.

The weather for most of this week was just plain nasty - gale force winds, heavy rain and rather cold for this time of the year, which doesn't help with our building project (the elephant in the room I'm trying to ignore btw!), but it also meant it was difficult to get any photos. But today turned out sunny and calm so I managed to get this photo of a dress I made a few weeks ago now and have worn a few times since.

I now have only four weeks left of work before I start maternity leave, which is very exciting but it also means that I only have to come up with office decent clothes for another four weeks too. But I realised I needed a short sleeved office type dress to wear to work, because most of the dresses on my summer of the dress SWAP are more casual type dresses. So I quickly made another Vogue 2818, which I managed to do in about 3 hours start to finish (well except the hem which I procrastinated on until something decent was on tv to do it front of) since it's a simple design and I had already made this in black. And here it is:
I used a raspberry red wool crepe for the bodice which I absolutely love the colour and texture of, and was purchased in an op shop so I didn't have much of it but this was a great use for it. The bottom half is made from some navy blue wool gabardine also thrifted, and whilst they are different textures the colours go together nicely and overall it's a comfy dress. I don't know if colour blocking is still in fashion, but it's a style that I rather like and that's all that matters. The only thing I don't like about it is now that my stomach protrudes quite a bit, the dress juts straight out from the bust line to the stomach like a tent. I was thinking about putting elastic around the joining seam under the bust to pull it in and make it a more flattering empire line, but it is comfy the way it is and since I'll probably only wear it four more times before I go on leave I think I'll leave it:

So my backyard is still a mud pit, and in fact the excavated areas for the concrete slabs are now filled with water, sort of like the pool that the kid in the movie Encino Man hand dug and then it rained and turned into a beautiful swimming pool (finding a hot Brendan Fraser as a neanderthal man during the process). But this coming week is forecast for hot and sunny weather, so 'she'll be right mate' ( good old Aussie slang there for you all!).

During the week I also ventured back to Lincraft because their fabrics were marked down by 50% since it was the last week before they closed. In addition to stocking up on some fabrics (muslin to make baby wraps, basic cottons and a nice printed taffeta) I also asked for and was given some cardboard tubes that the fabric gets rolled on. So there I was, a pregnant woman in suit and heels carrying a handbag, umbrella, big plastic bag with fabric and an armful of cardboard tubes back to my office at lunchtime in strong winds (lucky it had stopped raining by then) and deposited them into my office, much to the amusement of passerbys and everyone who works in my office! But those tubes are a good way to store slippery fabrics so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get them.

Anyway this coming weekend is another busy one, usual Saturday washing and cleaning and then on Sunday we're attending a first aid course for babies and children, which is an all day course topped by an exam! On a Sunday afternoon! At least I know we'll be better equipped to handle medical emergencies when this little one makes it's appearance into the world

Have a relaxing and productive weekend everyone


  1. [[[beautiful dresss]]]
    [[[beautiful belly]]]
    [[[fabric bolt cores]]]

    WORD VERIFICATION: acises. The opposite of exercises, obviously.

  2. See I thought you had slowed down on the posting because you were tired...I realize I'm going to have to wean myself off your blog because when the little one arrives you will have your hands I thought the process was beginning!

    Glad you're feeling well and the dress is beautiful!!!

  3. Lucky you that you can still wear attractive shoes at this stage of your pregnancy! My swollen feet would not allow it.

  4. Great dress I recently got this pattern. Glad to know you've had great results twice. I've been admiring your maternity wardrobe all along but now, I'll be re-reading (and re-reading) your postings. You're my stylish mama role model. Take care!

  5. Kristy, I got your email. Thanks...
    I'm visiting my son/DIL for a couple of days in Portland, Oregon. And then down to Eugene, (Oregon)
    to see my folks. You are doing soooo well! Good for you. Sorry to hear about the rain, hopefully the sunshine will dry up all the rain ...... kind of like the nursery rhyme of Insie Winsie spider, ...out came the sun, and dried up all the rain, then Insie Winsie Spider came out to play again! Sorry, guess I get a bit silly sometimes!
    I have some exciting news!!!!! Our daughter/SIL are going to get to adopt a little girl!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! So, hopefully by the time I get back home, I will have another grandchild! How is that for fast?!!!! We are so excited! She is a sweet thing, and hopefully all will work out. This is the plan anyway.

    Oh, you said that you didn't get my last email... I need you to send me your snail mail in an email... o.k.?

  6. Not long til mat leave then! Good luck sexy mama!

    I've also tagged you! Hope the heat doesn't knock you over too much!